Welcome to Godiva's restaurant. This funky Bistro  is the High Energy backdrop for a new one-hour comedy/drama series thats sexy and under the influence.
sex, drugs and caviar

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Music from Godivas
Season One - Episode One

Panurge - (Le)Petite Citrouille
Brundlefly - Move On
The Evaporators - Maria
Hawksley Workman - Anger As Beauty
Pilgrims Of The Mind - Coldsweat

Episode Two
Cuba Suddenly - Just Like That
P:ano - Working
Mistacronks (aka Roger Audio) - Caught
By Divine Right - All over it
John Morgan - Undercast
Ian Widgery(aka Syknet UK) - One Time Breaks

Episode Three
Ian Widgery(aka Syknet UK) - From 74
Tamara Rhodes - All My Ladies
The New Pornographers - Miss Teen Word Power
Jon Delirious - Glow
Fidigital - The Lobby
Mr. Mellow - In A Mellow Trance
Pilgrims Of The Mind - Heat Injection
David Burton - She Devil
Corduroy Kid - Flood This Town

Episode Four
Christian Bocher - Godiva's Groove#1
Martin Tielli - Cold Blooded Old Times
Fndmntl - Buttergroove
- Love Rackets
Wicked Lester - Amigos
Jack Tripper - Nova Girl
Matthew Currie Holmes - Later Days

Episode Five
Matthew Currie Holmes - Greeting Card
Fndmntl (Aaron Grain) - Coco Love
JackSoul - Getting It On
Fndmntl - Piano Haven
Tamara Rhodes - Pushing My Buttons
Matthew Barber - Tilt A Whirl
Matthew Currie Holmes - Later Days
Hawksley Workman - Watching The Fires

Episode Six

Fndmntl (Aaron Grain) - Take The Break
Pilgrims Of The Mind - Vancouver Ate Montreal Abomb - Work
Fidigital - Mosaic
John Morgan - Let You Go (Dub Mix)
Shades Of Soul - Get With You
Micheal J - Press
Marlin - Brass Wind
Mistacronks (aka Roger Audio) - Stop, Drop, Roll
Ron Sexsmith - Gold In Them Hills

Season Two - Episode One

Rick Threat - Summer in The City
Fndmtl - Remix
Lola Dutronic - Airport
DJ Revolution - Neckbreakin'
Kinnie Starr - Up In Smoke
Kiddo - This Could Take Forever
Fndmntl - Buttergroove
Catlow - Don't Think

Episode Two

Dirtmitts Get On (DJ Lester Remix)
Fndmntl Borrito
5 Alarm Exotic Journey
Joystick - Gold n Green
Money Money - We Are Money Money
Luke Doucet - Wallow
54-40 - Take Me Out
Shot In Both Sides - Payback

Episode Three

Lester - Amigos
Copyright - Into The Light
Cory Lee - The Naughty Song
Transientworld - The Cycle
Acidica - Khoomi Mantra
Doubting Paris - Good Intentions

Episode Four

Derek Wagler - Ramdomizer
Transientworld - Undetected
Joystick - Welcome To The Factory
The Carnations - Hey! Hey!
Hellenkeller - Fish N Chips
Bigstuff - Shotgun Lover
Derek Wagler - Salon
Rick Threat - Not My Fault
Joystick - Lady Love
Matthew Barber - Awful Dream

Episode Five

Red Room - Le Paradis
Raymond MacDonald - Collision
Derek Wagler - Surely Shine
Othello Nine - Vol. 5
Pat Caird - Restaurant Jazz
Joystick - Slowly
Chris Gestrin - QuartetBE'62
Pacifica - Liberdad
Clic - Alibi's
Jets Overhead - Shadow Knows
jasoncollettJason Collett - Bitter Beauty

Episode Six

Lola Dutronic Les Cheveaux De Mon Amour
DSK - Units
Nasty On - City Sick
Kinnie Starr - Soar
Abigail Washburn - Rockabye Dixie
Red Room - Samba De Meu Coracon
Christine Fellows - Lost Overtures
Joystick - Goodtimes

Episode Seven

Bill Mellow - Two
Ridley Bent - Pastures Of Heaven
Mike Clark - Down
Kinnie Starr - Alright
Halo Burro - Ain't Goin So Well
Licorice - Wanting Needing
Sweatshop Union - Never Enough
Izdatso - Blue Gold
Entre Rios - Idioma Suave (remix)
The Perishers - My Heart